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Food grade diatomaceous earth is excellent for everyone human, plants, and animals.FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (Certified Organic) 

Food grade diatomaceous earth is great for internal and external parasite control. The mineral and silica content seems to increase feed utilization. Reported to kill 75% of flies and fleas that come in contact with it within 72 hrs. Mixed with grains at a ratio of 2% keeps out pests. Great for eliminating ants, aphids, flea beetles, fleas, earwigs, sowbugs, mites, etc. We use DE diluted in water and painted on tree trunks to keep ants off our fruit trees. Food grade diatomaceous earth be applied as a foliar spray or sprayed in buildings or just lightly sprinkled in pest infested areas or compost/manure piles. Great for internal worming purposes for humans and animals. Helps detox heavy metals. Diatomaceous earth is a drying agent, and thus reduces odor and moisture in barns and stalls. Fed to animals daily, food grade diatomaceous earth keeps fly larvae from developing in manure, noticeably reducing the fly population. Add diatomaceous earth to livestock waterers, it helps slow the algae growth in the hot summer months.

We have fed food grade diatomaceous earth free choice to all livestock (goats, llamas, chickens, peafowl, guineas) since the late 1990's. We keep DE in our home made grain herb mixes that are fed daily.  Most of our canines will eat food grade diatomaceous earth free choice as well.

Overly toxic humans or animals might experience a "healing crisis", as their system detoxes too quickly, so it is suggested to start with a small dose and work up to the heaping tablespoon over a period of a few days or weeks, to help avoid this situation.

More Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Info & Daily Recommended Feeding Rates
DE 6 lbs. (2 Gallon ziploc bag) - $24.99
DE 12 lbs. (2 - 2 Gallon Ziploc Bags) - $35.99
**DE 50 lbs. (Double lined paper bag) - $37.99
**DE 200 lbs. (Double lined paper bag) - $120.00

THORVIN GEOTHERMAL KELP MEAL (CERTIFIED ORGANIC) - Ascophyllum nodosum - Icelandic Kelp.  Excellent source of naturally chelated macro and micro minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.  Promotes shiny coat, supple skin, better growth rates and reproductive performance, purges heavy metals, increases milk yields, more efficient feed utilization, better glandular health, pigmentation, boosts immune system, etc.  Fabulous in the garden to increase crop yields, drought resistance, frost protection, and stress recovery.

More Thorvin Organic Kelp Meal Information & Daily Recommended Feeding Rates  

KELP 12.5 lbs. (2 Gallon Ziploc Bag) - $45.99
KELP 25 lbs. (2 - 2 Gallon Ziploc Bags) - $64.99
KELP 50 lbs. (Triple Lined Paper Bag) - $86.99

REDMOND NATURAL TRACE MINERAL SALTS (100% Natural) - This is the best truly natural trace mineral salt on the planet. It doesn't look close to the normal TMS most people feed to livestock. Redmond's TMS is truly beautiful to look at and excellent for livestock.

For more information and to see the Redmond Natural Trace Mineral difference go to our Redmond Natural TMS Page  

REDMOND Natural TMS 20 lb. (2 gal Ziploc) - $19.99
REDMOND Natural TMS 40 lb. (2 gallon Ziplocs) - $29.99
REDMOND Natural TMS 50 lb. Bag - $35.99

Organic dietary sulfur supplement. Comes with a 100% Money back Guarantee from NaturVet. MSM is compromised of 34% bio-available sulfur. Sulfur is critical in the formation of collagen and glucosamine - which are vital components for healthy bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Excellent for healthy body maintenance, as well as conditions caused by inflammation as MSM reduces inflammation which thereby helps alleviate pain.


Animal Weight - Dosage
Cats - 250 mg. or 1/10th Tsp. or 1/2 cc
Dogs up to 30 lbs. - 500 mg. or 1/5 tsp. or 1 cc
Dogs 31 to 60 lbs. - 1000 mg. or 2/5 tsp. or 2 cc's
Dogs 60 + lbs. - 1500 mg. or 3/5 tsp. or 3 cc's
Horses - 1 ounce daily or 1/2 ounce twice daily as needed

Feed animal recommended daily dosage twice daily for the first two weeks, then once daily thereafter.

A 29.6cc scoop (1 ounce) is enclosed for your convenience.

NOTE: This MSM is labeled for horses, so does not have the above information for dogs and cats. We no longer carry the dog and cat tablets, as most of our customers prefer the pure MSM powder and the MSM powder is all we ourselves use. We either mix in with the pet's food or dissolve the MSM powder in liquid and syringe down their throats. 

MSM 1 lb. POWDER - $16.99
MSM 2 lb. POWDER - $28.99
MSM 5 lb. POWDER - $48.99


The information on this Web site is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your vet, pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor or vet with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your pet, your, or your child's condition.

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